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newborn photograph by rachel sue boehm

Baby and Newborn Photography

Our babies aren't babies for long. Before you know it, they don't sit still anymore and you have a walking talking toddler.

And yet we often don't get the time to take it all in and appreciate their super soft skin, little tufts of hair and cute little milk spots. Getting used to the new schedule, changing them, feeding them, sleepless can start to become chaotic.

That's why I love baby photo shoots. They give you something to look back on and remember when they were so delicate, and they relied on you for their every need. Memories which can seem so long ago once they start to grow.

As an experienced family photographer in, I specialise in capturing those tiny and perfect details.

newborn photograph by rachel sue boehm
newborn photograph by rachel sue boehm
newborn photograph by rachel sue boehm

The entire photo shoot can be scheduled around your baby’s sleep and feeding routine.

We want them to be at their happeist!

An in-home photography session allows you to have a stress-free photo shoot (with the additional rest your body needs!) and also makes for easy feeding/changing breaks whenever you need it. Plus, you have the comforts of home right at hand!

We can take the photographs at your home, in my studio, or outdoors if the weather is good.

How does it work?

Firstly, the baby is in charge of the whole session! They have needs and they won't wait!

So if they need to stop for a feed, or have a diaper change, that's all good. Keeping baby happy is the most important thing.

Miss Rachel is superbly professional! She does not just take wonderful photos, she captures a feeling. As time flies by I can look back on my photos with a big smile on my face and get that same emotion she evoked so long ago. Thank you Rachel, I can't wait for you to be a part of my next major step in life!
Dylan S.
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A +
Truly captures the spirit in her photos! A+ service!
Cheryl E
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Very kind, easy going, patient and professional. Works great with newborn babies. Does great quality work. I highly recommend her and plan to use her again!!
Cory & Athena
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newborn photograph by rachel sue boehm

Family Photography

Capturing special family moments

Tell Your Family Story

A family portrait is the perfect way to bring everybody together, and capture special moments.

We often don't get together as much as we'd like to. Work, school and clubs can get in the way of bringing all the generations together in one place.

That's why family portraits are so important! It brings the whole family together for precious moments and captures time that you can cherish forever. A perfect family portrait should be relaxed, and it should be fun. But most of all, it should be you.

My family photoshoots try to incorporate things that make your family unique. I like to include your hobbies, special interests and even encourage you to bring props if you like. Sports gear, musical instruments, even the family pet are welcome. Whatever helps to tell your family's story and capture the things that are most important to you.

Family photographer - a mum and daughter hold hands, as the mum kisses her daughter's head
Family photography - an elderly couple hold hands and smile at each other
Family photographer - a woman and her daughter blow flowers in a field