Aerial Drone Photography for Weddings

Drone photography gives couples the chance to capture their wedding with a truly amazing cinematic view from above.

Perhaps you have a large guest list and need a way to fit everyone in? Or your venue is so stunning that you’d like to include it in your wedding photographs? Maybe you have a creative side, and want lasting memories of your special day that aren’t the standard formal shots? Aerial photography with the aid of a drone is your answer: it quite literally adds a new dimension to your photographs!

Drone Photography for Weddings and Elopements

Are you looking for a unique way to capture your special day? Whether you have an outdoor ceremony planned, an elopement, or have a venue with outdoor space, I can use a commercial drone to take stunning aerial photos of your wedding.

Drone photography opens up the creative envelope by adding photo opportunities that aren’t available on the ground. 

Drone photography lets you enrich and modernize the traditional wedding photography experience.

How Does It Work?


Contact me and we’ll discuss your ideas, what you’d like from your day.

We can do this over the phone, on Zoom or could also meet up in person.


I’ll check the regulations at your venue, and make sure that drones are legal and safe to fly. Near the date, I’ll check the weather and plan around it.

If you have ideas for particular photos you’d like, tell me and I’ll make sure to include them.

An aerial photography of a bride, walking up the stairs of her wedding venue


At your wedding or elopement, I’ll make sure to capture all of the photographs you want (and then some!)

Afterwards, I’ll work my editing magic and you will receive your gallery in no time at all.


For recreational purposes, yes, however anyone using a drone for commercial purposes such as a wedding must be licensed by the FAA. This is important to ensure the safety of both yourselves, your guests and the general public.

Anyone using a drone for weddings without the correct license could be flying illegally, which puts your wedding photos at risk. Don’t take the chance that you will miss out on your precious memories.

No, not all locations will allow you to use a drone, even if they’re outdoors. Some locations permit drone photography but put strict conditions on their use. For example, some religious sites restrict their usage, as well as national parks and locations close to airports.

As part of the planning process, I will check out any regulations that you need to be aware of and also consult with your wedding venue to make sure that everything is above board. If we cannot use a drone at your chosen venue, I’ll help you figure out a plan to capture stunning aerial photographs.

It certainly helps to have clear skies and no wind, but it is not essential. However, a drone may not be safe to operate in high winds, or heavy rain. As an experienced photographer, and licensed pilot, I will help to decide whether the conditions are right for aerial photos or not, and come up with alternatives on the day if needed.

Checking the weather is an essential aspect of safe drone piloting, and keeps everyone safe at your ceremony. I cannot empahsize enough how important FAA certification is for drone photography.

Yes, public liability insurance is required for commercial drone photography.

You can use the contact page to make an inquiry. I’ll need to know the location of your wedding or elopement, and proposed date.

Want more Info?

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It’ll help you to understand what you need to consider if you’re thinking of hiring a drone photographer, and the importance of getting someone who is experienced and certified.