A newly married couple walk along the beach after their elopement to Mexico. The bride is carrying their young daughter.

Joe and Kristen’s Elopement to Mexico

A lovely elopement to Riviera Maya in Mexico, featuring sun, sea and sand.
Rachel Sue Boehm, 5 star rated wedding and elopement photographer, holding a camera and posing under a tree.

I’m a wedding photographer with over 10 years experience. Based in Wisconsin, I specialize in elopements across the USA and worldwide.

As a certified drone pilot, I can offer aerial photography for a unique views of your wedding.

I’m also ordained through the Universal Life Church meaning that I can be your officiant and your photographer!

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Being able to photograph elopements, like Joe and Kirsten’s Mexican elopement in December 2022, is so much fun that it almost feels wrong to call it my job.

The couple’s wedding was perfect, with fantastic weather which it made it ideal for their ceremony on the beach at Generations Resort in Riviera Maya.

The wedding party in Mexico, pictured on the beach.

Before the Wedding

One of great things about destination weddings is that they often take place over a number of days, so it becomes like a holiday. Joe and Kristen had plenty of activities planned for their stay, starting the week off with a welcome dinner where everyone could take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather.

I had the privilege of joining the welcome party and taking some fun photographs of their wedding party and candid shots of everyone enjoying themselves.

A picture of the beach at Riviera Maya, Mexico
the beach of Riviera Maya, Mexico

Getting Ready for the Wedding

The next day was wedding day! I met Kristen and the other ladies in her room to start the day with photographing her dress, jewelry and other fun details. When photographing ceremonies, I like to include the whole day – there are often lots of fun memories to look back on and there certainly was here, with lots of laughter and even a few happy tears.

One of the stars of the show was Emery, Joe and Kristen’s daughter. Joining her Mommy and Daddy in her tiny dress is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

A necklace hangs from the bride's floral bouquet
The bride being helped into her wedding dress
The bride's dress hangs next to a baby's dress.
A pair of adorable child's shoes, placed on a sign reading "Daddy, here comes Mommy."

First Looks

After both Joe and Kristen were ready for the day, we arranged for an intimate first look underneath the pier. Typically, couples wait until after the ceremony for all of the bridal party and family photos. However, the first look gave us plenty of time for photographs prior to the ceremony.

The bride taps the groom on his shoulder, ready for the first look
Bride and groom kiss
Groom smiling at the bride
The bride with her bridesmaids wearing green dresses
The groom with his groomsmen
Newly married couple hold their baby daughter
Bride holds her daughter up in the air, with a huge smile on her face

The Wedding Ceremony

Lovely Mexican blue skies and waves crashing behind them proved that Riviera Playa was a perfect ceremony location. The ceremony was officiated by a close friend of the couple, making it extra special. One thing I love about elopements is the ability to add these little touches that bring so much more meaning to the day.

Being able to choose a friend as an officiant is an honor they’re sure to remember for the rest of their lives. You don’t need to go all the way to Mexico for this if you’d like a wedding closer to home, as some states will allow anyone to register as an officiant or even self-solemnize the marriage: meaning you can actually marry yourself!

Bride and groom's ceremony being officiated by their close friend
Newly married couple kiss on the beach

After the Wedding Ceremony

After the couple had made their vows, Joe and Kristen went for a walk along the gorgeous beach where we took photographs of just the couple and the beautiful daughter, Emery, who had played her role of flower girl to perfection!

Newly married couple walking along the Mexican beach
The groom holds up his baby daughter while she laughs
Newly married couple hug
Bride holds her flowers out during her elopement to Mexico
The bride's daughter plays underneath her veil
The young flower girl on the beach

Joe and Kristen brought a large group with them, featuring many friends and family. This gave the day a similar feel to a traditional wedding, only they had a large amount of freedom to plan their perfect day. The whole experience was a great balance between a regular wedding and a unique elopement and it was such an honor to be a part of it.

Drone Photography for Aerial Shots of the Wedding

As an FAA certified drone pilot, I never fail to take the opportunity to capture some aerial photographs of a wedding. An outdoor elopement with perfect weather is the ideal time to capture them, and we were able to get some stunning photos that you simply can’t capture from the ground.

An aerial photograph of the wedding party at the Generations Resort, Riviera Maya
An aerial photograph of the newlyweds

The Wedding Party

Joe and Kristen chose to have a wedding party that resembled a more traditional event. I must say, it was one of the most fun parties I’ve been to featuring lots of laughter, dancing and plenty of tequila shots. When in Rome…or Mexico.

The newlyweds enter their wedding party
Newlyweds kiss outdoors as guests hold sparklers
The wedding guests dance on a lit dancefloor
The wedding guests dance on a lit dancefloor
The groom drinking tequila shots with a table of guests at Generations Resort, Riviera Maya
The wedding guests dance on a lit dancefloor
The newlyweds first dance on a lit fancefloor

Elopement Photographer

If you’re thinking of eloping, I’d love to be your photographer. All you need to do is get in touch for an informal chat.

I’ve been doing this for a decade and specialize in adventurous outdoor weddings, like the elopement to Mexico that you just read about. I also travel right across the USA, so if you’re considering eloping then I could be the photographer to join you on your adventure!

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